My book. The year was 1641.

Edward’s Court is unlike any seen before. The young king has came into the palace with a style never before seen here in England. Banners hang with the initials ER and they have been decorated with the new Kings coat of arms. He is confident and bold sitting at his throne as he speaks to the couturiers coming to pay obedience. His throne sits amidst the many activities that are going on. I catch his eye across the lawn, and quickly lower my head and bow. As my gaze meets his again he lifts his eyebrows and waves me over. Coming closer, I get a better view of the new young king. His throne is the old king’s but the fabric had been changed upon Edward’s victory. He is sitting with his arms poised on the arm rests & his deep plumb colored cloak spills around the floor by his throne. His brown hair glimmering from the sun, picking up the hews of blonde in his hair. His stature much more solid than the old king with a confident poised expression on his throne. Edwards hair spilling over his crown and around his neck, “Good day, Anthony!” he shouts above the commotion. “Your majesty knows how to decorate the court! It’s been many years since I’ve seen it this lively & happy” I reply as I bow in front of him, and take his hand to kiss. “I enjoy it very much” he says steadily. Looking around at everyone as if impressed, he saunters back in his throne and takes a sip out of his goblet. “How is your family?” he asks enthusiastically. “Wonderful your majesty, thank you for asking, we are all very well.” Almost before I could finish my response, “You’re sister, how is she?” He looks deeply into my eyes. Awaiting my response, I grin and don’t hesitate, “She ardently awaits reply from your majesty.” He looks over and cast a glance sideways to somewhat hide his excitement. Looking back at me, his smile full and not hiding his enthusiasm from my response, he says “grab something to drink, enjoy yourself.” “Thank you your majesty..” I bow. As I walk away I hear, “ more thing, please send your sister my affections and inform her that I have business to tend to. I will be visiting your family home in the next week.” “Yes, your majesty,” I say as I turn around. I quickly smile and think to myself, smitten. He is smitten with Elizabeth and it is undeniable! This could bring many good fortunes to our family for my sister to have such a suitor. Elizabeth being asked about by the king. Who would have believed?

That night I prepare news to send to our trusted family messenger. In a quick letter I write of the busy court life with the new king, and of course express the ardent sincerity of the king’s affection for Elizabeth. I am sure my parents will be quite animated reading this.

Copyright -Ashlee Payne.

Thank you for stopping by this short snippet of my book. Feel free to leave me a comment below with your opinion. You’re feedback is very appreciated!


Your guide to a successful Solar Eclipse!

The Great American Eclipse!

Monday, August 21, 2017 we will all step outside to take a look through special glasses to see the rare second new moon, solar eclipse in Leo at 28-29 degrees. What does that mean for all of us on a practical and emotional level?

I have self-taught myself astrology over the years and learned from many amazing friends and astrologers. I wanted to write this blog post because while everyone is talking about the planetary aspects of this solar eclipse, I wanted to post how it would affect us personally. I felt that although I am away to watch the eclipse at moment with my family, I had to pull out my laptop and start writing. My need to get the information out to everyone about this transformative energy lead me to jump up and start writing. Coffee in hand and thoughts spilling out onto the page on the morning before this eclipse…

In parentheses below, I have highlighted a brief meaning of what I’m referring to for those who are unsure the meaning.  So without further adou..

Well lets start on a basic level of what’s going on with the plants we have in effect! Astrology wise, there are many positive aspects in the sky at this time.. A cluster of planets in fact! Mars(warrior energy), North Node (fated, who we want to develop into in this lifetime), sun (how we see ourselves) & moon (how we feel things on an emotional level) conjunt. We also have a grand fire trine (fire trine is three planets in the same element, water, air, fire, or earth; earned and special advantages occur with this configuration. Talents, gifts & blessings related to the planets involved. It’s a harmonious flow of energy) happening from Leo (fun, creativity) to Saturn (the teacher) in sagittarius (fire sign), where black moon Lilith (some form of frustration frequently in the area of desire, a powerlessness of the psyche or inhibition, it also shows where we question ourselves, lives, jobs and beliefs.) is stationed. Saturn is also trine Aries (1st zodiac sign & initiation rather than competition) in Uranus (new way of looking at things best met with an expanded consciousness) at 28 degrees. Ciron (represents our deepest wounds & efforts to heal the wound) is present in the sky in Pisces (a sign characterizing dreams and intuition) at 27 degrees. As well as Venus (beauty and love) at 24 degrees in Cancer (a horoscope sign symbolizing family roots, pleasures in the comforts of home and family) and Mercury (communication) is in retrograde (going back) at 8 degrees in Virgo (a horoscope sign noted for it’s attention to detail, critical and picky), over the point of the eclipse it will go back in Leo and start moving forward again going back into Virgo doing a dance back and forth until it goes forward again after the 5th of September. One thing to note is that with North Node is in the creative sign leo and it will be the last time it is in this sign for 18 years. It is an amazing astrological configuration happening above us!

Many movers in the sky shaking things up. With Saturn bringing his presence in to this sky, it brings a sense of longevity with lasting effects. All the major planets are in effect at this time. Saturn moves direct after the 21st.

This is the first total solar eclipse to be visible to the US mainland since 1979. It begins on the West Coast just after 10 a.m PT and ends on the East Coast a little before 3 p.m. E.T. It will last only about 2 minutes.

Looking into your astrological natal birth chart will bring you awareness into how this will be affecting you on a personal level. With everyone having different charts, how this eclipse will affect you is different for everyone. The broad package of this eclipse is transformative energy with lasting effect but to narrow down how it will affect you you will need to look at the planet placements in your birth chart. I myself have been interested and studying astrology and natal charts for a few years now. I am a researcher by nature, but how the stars and planets are aligned when you are born is a road map, so-to-speak for your life. It is also an indicator of challenges that you will have to go through in order for your soul’s development in this lifetime. There can be many positive aspects that affect your chart in which the universe “blesses your chart.” The positive configurations you can look for are conjunctions, sextile & trines which are major planetary aspects. To find out the smooth paths in your life, and the bumpy ones, you need to take notice of the planetary aspects of your chart. I personally see myself in the future, reading natal charts for others. I would suggest everyone reading, to take a peek into your chart before this eclipse takes place! A wonderful website/app you can get for this is called, Astromatrix. Just download the app, plug in the time and date of your birth, and watch it pull up your current transits and the ones at the time of your birth. It’s a barrage of information so you may need a pen and paper handy!

Back to the effects of this eclipse! ✨

Life changing thoughts and events occur at this time because the South and North Nodes (destiny and karma) are affected. The Nodes and Saturn are karmic. We already have an indication about what will take place in our lives. Some will have this indication and some will not with Uranus in the sky. Uranus is unpredictable with its shock value. Uranus has a non-conformity aspect to it that allows Revolutions, originality, surprise, awakenings, and inspiration. My point is, some don’t see it coming, but will feel the overwhelming effect of the transformation that has to be made in order to move forward in a more productive way in our lives. If you are un-happy or discontent with anything in your life, this is an important time to plant seeds of change or go ahead and make change because if you don’t, you could be stuck with the repercussions of letting things be, and they could possibly affect you the rest of your life. If you need or want change, now is the time to reach out to the universe and ask. Just thinking about your intentions for the future will put you in alignment to this energy.

Everything with this Solar Eclipse is fated! So with faith, keep and open and positive mind for it to bring great things and necessary changes into your life. We will be moving forward into our alignment with the universe that is asking for big changes to occur.

North America will see the eclipse from west to east spanning coast to coast. The Eclipse, symbolizes major changes and shifts of alignment in the highest good & for mapping out your best possible path. For people this shift has already begun. This energy can come into effect and be felt by some even a month before. Drastic things are happening that are unpredictable, being that there are major planets and transits going on at this time.

This is a significant time to clean out the closet, so-to-speak. A time of recognizing what works for you and what works against you in your life. It is also a time where there are deaths, as the eclipse symbolizes transformation on the soul and emotional levels. This does not mean physical deaths, rather deaths of friendships, relationships, ingrained child-hood beliefs & stubborn adult beliefs. During this time we are open to new ideas and theories. Most have felt this energy building for awhile now (as you can see the big changes we have went through in the world in this past year) some even up to a year as they make the changes necessary for this eclipse to be a significant in their lives. There are many people who have no notion how to tap into this fruitful energy as they are not aware unconsciously of the the changes that have been building to this point.

The wonderful thing is that this eclipse is the metaphoric planting and sowing time. It’s a time to plant seeds that you want to see blossom over the next years. The energy of this eclipse is said to last for 18 years and in some instances up to a life-time. So, whatever you are envisioning as your future, be sure to set those seeds of intentions before or even while watching the eclipse on Monday. Meditation is encouraged before Monday. Use the time to meditate so that you can successfully bring to fruition the transformations you want to culminate.

It is important that we do a recap of what has brought us to this point in our lives and address the things holding us back.

Many will bring our problems to this eclipse and let them go, hoping for greater insight and stamina into being the best versions of ourselves. So where ever you are watching, keep in your mind what you want to manifest in the future, believe in it and work towards it with diligence! The Universe loves us all and wants us to have the things we wish. We just have to believe! 🌚

We want a revolution! When do we want it? Now!

Today, two prominent men in history died without trial. One in England, one in France. Both of them living in different historical time periods & both fighting for different views.

'The execution of Maximilien Robespierre on July 28, 1794'-

Maximilien Robespierre was executed on this day, without a trial, by guillotine at the Place de la Révolution. Many know his name in history and the tag-line associated with him, "the Reign of Terror." But, what do you really know about this topic in history? I have summarized some of the details that lead to the downfall of Robespierre in 1794.

Maximilien Robespierre is known for taking a radical democratic stance on his dedication to civic morality. He was a French lawyer and politician. He advocated for the poor & outspokenly opposed slavery on French soil or in French territories, playing an important role abolishing it. His desire for Revolutionary change was not limited to politics as he was also invested in views against the Pope and Catholic Church. He was known for presiding over the Jacobins, which were a powerful political club that promoted the ideas of the French Revolution. He was elected to the committee of Public Safety, which was formed to protect France against foreign and domestic enemies & to oversee the government. Under his leadership, the Revolutionary government introduced the Reign of Terror. In less than a year, 300,000 suspected enemies were arrested & 17,000 executed by guillotine in the Palace de la Révolution.
The National Convention came about when the Legislative Assembly decreed the provisional suspension of King Louis XVI & drew up a new constitution with no Monarchy. It's reasoning behind this action was enforced by finding it impossible to work with the King. Robespierre rose to the most prominent figure in the National Convention as its president only two months short of his execution. My research has led me to believe that when he reached this prominent seat, in the background there became a temporary alliance between the right and left who formed to oppose Robespierre & his followers. They had recognized that within just a month, 1,400 enemies of the Revolution were guillotined. There was astonishment that this was continuing although foreign invasion no longer threatened the republic. Just over a month later, Robespierre & his allies were placed under arrest by the National Assembly. He was found & taken to a prison in Luxembourg where the warden refused to jail him. He fled to Hotel de Ville where he received word that the National Convention had declared him an outlaw. In order to avoid capture he tried killing himself with a pistol, but only managed shattering his lower jaw. Troops of the National Convention stormed the Hotel & seized Robespierre & his allies. He was later placed in the cell where Marie Antionette, the wife of King Louis XVI, had been held (oh, the irony.) Without a trial, at the age of 36, he was guillotined at the Place de la Révolution. His body much later placed in the Catacombs of Paris.

Another man who died today in history, in 1540 is Thomas Cromwell.

Master Secretary Cromwell is one of the most controversial Tudor figures in history. Known as a powerful advocate of the English Reformation & his for his help in acquiring King Henry VIII a divorce from his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. After arranging the King's forth marriage to German Princess, Anne of Cleves, by Cromwell's surprise, the king found his new bride unattractive. This was Henry's trusted advisor. Henry had faith that the meeting between him and his new bride would be fruitful. Earlier he had dispatched his painter, Hans Holbein the younger to paint Anne's portrait. The miniature painting offered the King a glimpse of his bride in a more flattering painting than she was to Henry in person. Cromwell had overseen the correspondence and marriage treaty. Henry urged Cromwell to find a legal way to avoid the marriage, but in doing so it would possibly endanger the vital alliance with the Germans. Cromwell's enemies now had a viable reason to persuade for his downfall.

Without a trial, his list of indictments include, corrupt practices, acting for personal gain, leniency in matters of justice, and plotting to marry Lady Mary Tudor, to name a few. He was condemned to death & in a public execution he was beheaded on Tower Hill. His death made no fuss on this day, as everyone was joyously celebrating the fifth wedding ceremony of King Henry VIII to Catherine Howard.

These two men led totally different lives in totally different time periods, but they both stood for something that brought about change & that was through a Revolution & Reformation!

The Miracles of Saint Margaret of Scotland


I wanted to do a write-up for all of you to know about the Miracles that canonized Saint Margaret of Scotland, and made her a Saint. So without further ado…

“The only Royal Scottish Saint.”
•Margaret was direct descendent of King Alfred & was granddaughter of King Edmund Ironside of England through his son Edward.
These are her Miracles.
1st Miracle- “Queen Margaret’s Gospel.”
Her personal Gospel book was found by a soldier sent to retrieve her book. He found it floating in a river. Surprisingly the book was unmarked by its immersion in the water. The book still survives to this day, in the Bodleian Library. The book was counted as a miracle.
2nd Miracle- “The Flashes of Light.”
Brilliant flashes of light were seen coming from the tomb of the ‘Blessed Margaret.’ This is a miracle the Pope agreed upon and on 15th October 1249 she was canonized and made a Saint.
3rd Miracle-“The Odour of Sanctity.”
On 13th July 1250 the “Sainted remains” of Margaret were exhumed in the presence of Young King, Alexander III & his mother, along with Abbots, bishops, priests & nobility. She was laid on a consecrated bier & a third Miracle occurred written down by Fordun… “at the digging of the ground so great and agreeable a perfume arose, that the whole of that sanctuary was thought to be sprinkled with painters colours, & the scent of springing flowers.”
4th Miracle- “The increased weight of the Consecrated Bier.”
When the bier carrying Margaret’s body passed by the tomb of her husband Malcolm, it was documented that the 4th Miracle occurred. ” The arms of the bearers were immediately benumbed, and they could not convey the shrine with the relics further, on account of the greatness of weight; but, whether willing or not, they were obliged to halt, and speedily laid down their burden… At length, all wondering, and judging themselfs unworthy of so precious a trust, the voice of a bystander, divinely inspired, as was believed, was heard suggesting distinctly, that the bones of the holy Queen could not be transferred further until the tomb of her husband was opened, and his body raised with similar honour.” On orders of King Alexander III, Malcolm’s tomb was immediately opened and his bones were placed in his beloved wifes’ new tomb.
These are the four Miracles Saint Margaret of Scotland is known for.

The year was 1461.

Richard_of_York_Talbot_Shrewsbury_Book.jpegPhoto above is Richard Plantagenet, 1st Duke of York

This is an excerpt of my book. It is one written in the perspectives of Anthony & Elizabeth Woodville. It is prue fiction, with some accurate accounts of history thrown in. Enjoy!

War has been raging in England for 6 years against the houses of Lancaster and York. Richard of York knows with the mentally unstable and weak Henry VI on the throne that his claim to the crown is better than ever. Richard has a direct line to claim the throne in line of descent from his grandfather who was the 4th surviving son of King Edward III & it’s validity can not be challenged. Eventually he gets parliament to grant him the Act of Accord, specifying that Richard’s heirs were recognized as Henry’s successors. A series of battles fought known as, the War of the Roses continued it’s wrath. Richard and his son Edmund are suddenly killed in the hands of Lancastrians during the Battle of Wakefield. The war is now focused on Richard’s son and heir, Edward IV and his fight against the house of Lancaster for the throne of England.  I introduce to you Elizabeth Woodville (future wife to Edward IV) & her brother Anthony. I bring you their perspectives on the events that occurred after the battle of Towton. A battle won by Richard of York’s heir and son, the newly announced King of England, Edward IV.

-This is as few chapers into my book and Anthony has just experienced one of the worst battles of his life. –

The aftermath  (a perspective of Anthony Woodville)

My father and I have walked for miles. The blistering cold cutting right through my trousers each time the wind picks up. We haven’t spoke a word since leaving the battlefield. The deafening cries of men still ringing in my ears. I try focusing on putting one foot in front of the other and walk fast to keep pace. The snow has not stopped falling since the morning of the battle. Our horses have endured the fight and the same excruciating walk twice, we gave them what was left of our food rations before we left in hopes that it will sustain them for the full day’s journey we still have ahead. I am walking to clear my head, and rest my horse. The injuries I suffered were small. A blade to the arm and a bloody ear that is constantly ringing. My father fought alongside me, and didn’t bear one wound. He now leads the men who fought alongside us to our home estate at Grafton. He commands that we take breaks every few miles to rest and let our horses drink. If it was up to me, we would have been home by now. My memory of all the dead bodies, the blanket of snow turned bright red, and the calls of mercy from men who quickly fell silent after meeting their swift end. My brain swirls remembering the sight just before the defeat. The wooden bridge at cockbeck had broken under the weight of so many. Men were scrambling to get away by the only means possible. Their vision impaired by the blinding snow, they started jumping into the water to flee. The brisk water immediately quickening their breathing, I watched as some slipped under the wet grass right into the river. The wind howling at my back I continued fighting, moving and pushing forward. We saw a hill that offered an alternative route a half of a mile back, my father and I quickly turned away knowing that it would wear us down. Some of our men proceeded, and as I was walking to the river, I took a quick glance back noticing they were losing stamina. Realizing quickly that we were out-numbered, and lost many  men, I turned to my father who was engaged in combat. Swinging to miss an axe, I crouched down by a log near my feet, the log had been washed up from the river and was as tall in girth as my leg. I quickly sought an advantage against my enemies and popped out from behind it yielding a poleaxe, knocking each one to the ground swiftly. We had been fighting since 9 O’clock this morning. Our men were weary and losing balance on the slick and frozen countryside. I feared we were soon to meet our end as we were quickly becoming outnumbered.


Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more about Elizabeth and Anthony! Feel free to leave feedback! -Ashlee

Losing faith in my choice-Henry VIII 

Anne’s miscarriage occurred in a time frame that coincided with the death of Katherine of Aragon. Was it possible that Henry saw it as a sign from God. Henry was so desperate for an heir. But after Anne’s last miscarriage, he knew she wasn’t going to give him what he so desired. He had displaced his first wife Katherine for the opportunity to marry, and produce a male heir. Was it at this point that he lost faith? Was that an incredible infraction that changed Henry’s mind about Anne? Although we know, Henry made NO mistakes, internally was he fighting the knowledge that he sat aside a woman who couldn’t give him the same thing his current wife was also unable to give? We know that Henry felt God did not bless his marriage to Katherine of Aragon, and that was his reasoning to annul the marriage. So were the same thoughts going through his mind with Anne? It’s true that Anne went through a doubtful time knowing that if she did not produce a male heir her position was lost. More too come, no way to draft this at the moment..

Boarding my first of two flights!

I am waiting now to board my plane to Washington. The plane is on time so I’ll be getting on soon. This will be an incredible experience. I’m already feeling a million emotions & feel very on my own. I’m looking forward to this flight going quickly, I have a 1 hour 30 minute layover at Washington, and then I’m in the air to London for the night. Total flight will be 12 hours. I am hoping to eat, watch a movie or write and sleep on time as I would here. I arrive in London at 6:20 am. I got great sleep last night dispite the trip today. I woke up feeling fine & my nerves didn’t start acting up until saying goodbye to my husband. So I’m happy I had a full nights rest last night. While waiting I noticed a British accent beside me and it’s a young couple traveling on the same flight. I wonder if they are heading home from visiting family. It’s cool because I haven’t gotten over there yet but I’m already hearing the accent that will be around me for 8 days. The accent is just one thing new to experience, along with multiple other things. It puts into perspective why I’m really going on this adventure. So many new experiences! It’s one thing planning it all out in the comfort of your home. But it really hits you when your sitting here and about to board your flight. No turning back now! I am about to board now. I’ll be updating with more on my next flight! Bon Voyage!! 

Travels to England •My personal jounal•

I am exactly a week away from a hugely new experience. I am traveling to England. Alone! It’s going to be an interesting experience. I am nervous about leaving my family behind, but I tell myself to push past the fear. I could very well-not had the balls to take this trip! It’s taken courage to get this far, & I’m hoping the day before(and day of) to remain calm. It hasn’t kicked in yet that I’m really going away. Although I’ve had a few bouts of nervousness so far. I have to remember mind over matter. Other than that I have been exited! I have my itinerary prepared, & a full trip booked! I am visiting one of the biggest libraries in the world. The British library which holds estimated between 12-16 million books. Amazing! I can’t wait to see its magnitude. I will be hoping to drop off some of my bookmarks so wish me luck! This is just one place I plan to stop at on my adventure. Follow me for more. I am capping off my night excited to start laying out all of my outfits this weekend. Ready for Friday tomorrow..this has been a long week. Can’t believe I will be traveling on a plane for 14 hours, in 7 days to England. I’ll be posting more as I countdown the days until England!! 👑🇬🇧

Im traveling to England!

I’ve always wanted to explore England & other parts of the world. It wasn’t until 2013 that I would finally start my journey towards taking that trip, & I didn’t even know it yet..

  • It was 2013 & I had just started watching The Tudors on Showtime network. I devoured the show at quick pace. It was intriguing, controversial, & got me hooked on royals in history. I realized after the show though that I did not know much about British history. This curiosity lead me to checking into my local library (as I’ve always been an avid reader) and seeing what stories they held about the British Kings & Queens. At the time my family was in the middle of transitioning after buying a house. I longed to sit next to the pond on the property we had just bought, & read a history book. I dove though the library’s options of history books, and before long had checked every history book they had!  My curiosities never quite quenched from the last book. I requested books from other local library’s, & began to realize they were supplying new ones (because they were in high demand from me). My appetite had changed though, it was not only the British Queens and Kings I was interested in- but all Monarchs in history. 

After all the books were checked out from the library, I kept searching for more information. I searched through Facebook groups to find a history page to talk about all of the Monarchs I had read about. I found that there were plenty of specific groups geared towards individual monarchs in history, but none that I could find held stories from all of them. It was at this time I realized that type of group didn’t exist, and I wanted to create a page for it. I added a cousin that I knew shared the same love for history, & so the group page began in February 2015. We were “Book Lovers of the Kings and Queens of England” in the beginning stages. I reached out to groups of similar interests to establish my following. I worked for months bringing new people to the page. I wanted quality verses quantity. I connected with many authors, writers, historians, & even a travel expert. I invited all of them over to follow my page, and many of them who had groups allowed me to post on behalf of my group. I’ll never forget the kind notion from many in the history field on Facebook. Also, I began to save money around this time. I put an envelope labeled England in a safe spot & started putting money away. $200 a month, more if I had it..

Having people in the history field, & readers joining my page inspired me at the end of 2015 to set my goal for a “Today in History” to be posted to my group page daily. I had many new members joining & I also decided to change the name to “Books of Monarchs throughout History.” As it fit the group better. 

Summer 2016 I decided to start another way for members to interact through the group page. So became “Monarch Monday.” A game that has a first person biography about a ruler in history, and members have to guess who it is. This takes extensive research sometimes on my part but I learn something each Monday!

Somewhere on the timeline I began writing. I believe it began beginning of 2016. Well, see.. I had already been doing all of this researching, and writing for my group. I thought it was time to begin my own book, and how I knew it was time was because it happened so naturally. The idea came to me of a book that had not been done before ( I had accomplished setting up & cultivating a group that had not been done before so why not?). So, I began writing. 

I received an invitation to review a book by Phil Roberts in Summer 2016. He had just got published by MadeGlobal with his book “Whitehall Palace in a nutshell.” I took notice of the work that was put into the book. I enjoyed it, listed my review, & felt phenomenonal that I was given the opportunity to be a reviewer. My review was posted to my group page. It was also at this time my group had took off! We were at 500 around members.

 Summer, I had set my plans for going to England in May 2017 during the anniversary of the death of Anne Boleyn. I felt it would be a moving experience, & since my book is geared towards her I wanted to get into her character. I started planning, & got my passport. 

I was made aware of an event that was going to be held in England in September. My plans in May held promise to promote my group page, & extended my writing out to others but didn’t hold many leads with business & history contacts. This event did. My initial plans held months in advance allowed for extended planning. Going in September would be 2 months notice. I had a choice, which was the better option to connect business wise I asked myself (& my husband). It was a no brainer. We both looked at one another after I posed the question of going one summer evening, and I knew. Yes, I need to go. We know what the opportunity presents. 

 My husband & I decided with kids & being business owners we couldn’t both of us endeavor on such a trip at this time. One of us has to take care of the home base. I’ve been doing research about solo traveling for years with Rudy Maxa’s world & Rick Steves. I believe it will give me an opportunity for exploring without any expectations of another’s plight for the day. I’m looking forward to it. 

In conclusion… I am going to England in less than 20 days. I am excited to connect with authors, and historians while there. I am thrilled to be visiting the great monuments of the British Kings and Queens. I am meeting some amazing people in field of history. 19 Authors & historians will be at the event I’m attending. I will also have an opportunity to discuss my book with a publishing company. I anticipate passing out my group logo bookmarks all around London & at the event. Follow me on my journey there by subscribing to my blog page. I hope you enjoyed my write-up! See you in London! 

Small extract from my book.

As I awoke from the dream I realized how real it still felt. I had been held captive in a dank, fog filled holding chamber on the river banks somewhere. The room was centered around a small writing desk with a tapered candle, a wooden chair, and in the corner of the room was a bed with pressed hay from the many who had came to stay here. As I passed by the walls to make my way to the only window I extended my fingertips to touch the coolness of the stone. I carefully took note of how many etching’s were carved into it. The fear building in me I wondered where I was, and why such a familiar, yet dismal thought of reality was far gone. Was I dreaming this? Or was I really walking in the footsteps of another?